Oh Hai Everyone!

When asked what gives them meaning or purpose, most people will consider the question at length before providing an inspirational quote about helping others, chasing their dreams, or fulfilling some sort of purpose.

But not me. Simply put, I live and breathe for bad movies. Films that fail. Tearing awful motion pictures apart.

I’m a movie bully, picking on the weakest reels of celluloid in the projection booth. My victims are the poor kids who didn’t have the budget to produce a quality product, the inept creators whose vision far exceeded their capabilities. I’m here to share my thoughts on my favorite of these b-movies, to pick them to pieces and hopefully have some fun along the way. There’s a certain satisfaction in outsmarting a movie; and for the most part, it’s a victim-less crime. I just have to pick the easy targets, because they’re the only films I can actually outsmart.

My interest began with the discovery of the television series Mystery Science Theatre 3000 in high school. It wasn’t until 2009 before I became truly obsessed – I’ll never forget the first time I saw the cinematic masterpiece: Tommy Wiseau’s The Room. This film is legendary in its ineptitude; I’ve seen it countless times since and will continue to see it again and again. It’s the best bad movie in the entire universe.

Since then, I’ve devoted my free time to hunting down b-movies and my obsession eventually led to the creation of a short documentary film.

Making the film was a great journey. I met some amazing people, engaged in great discussions and saw new perspectives. I’ve created this blog to keep the forum alive, to share my thoughts, to unite fans of bad movies and, well… let’s face it, I needed a hobby.